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About Us


We started Teshuah International and Teshuah Tea and Coffee Company as a way of helping others, especially those who have been abused and forgotten by the rest of society. My business partner Andrew is a missionary to Asia. Not only does he work with leper villages and the underground church in communist countries, he and his team also rescue girls trapped in sex slavery. Some of these girls are as young as 11 years old. Andrew started a rescue and rehab house run by two ladies in Asia called Teshuah House and along with the team has rescued 63 underage girls. His female staff work with the girls to get them the help they need spiritually, physically, and emotionally as well as to teach them skills that will help them provide for their families someday. 

We purchase our tea, coasters, bracelets, and some of the coffee from the girls giving them an income while still under our care. Beyond that, 100% of our profit goes back to Teshuah House to pay for food, shelter, and clothing for the girls as well as meeting their other needs. Once the needs of the rescue / rehab facility are met then excess funds go to support other rescue / rehab operations in other areas of the world.

At Teshuah we have decided to take a slightly different approach to business and funding Kingdom work. We're teaming up with Christian business owners and offering them the opportunity to advertise on our Christian Business Directory. When they advertise with us those funds are used for the expenses of running Teshuah Tea and Coffee Co. Any donations to Teshuah International are exclusively directed towards our rescue / rehab homes and supporting any partner rescue operations. Doing business this way allows 100% of the profits from your purchases to go to the rehab facilities so you know that your purchases are making the maximum difference! We hope you'll visit with and support our sponsors. 

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