One Time Donation

Want to donate directly to Teshuah House? Now you can! This link will take you to our PayPal donation page where you can do just that. These funds go directly to the rescue house and do not go through the business accounts. They are used for the care and education of the girls and towards the purchase of another rescue facility

Ongoing Giving

Here's another way you can give to Teshuah House on an ongoing basis just by shopping at all the stores you normally do. Check out the video to learn more and then get the new Teshuah Tea Company app. It works in much the same way as Google Pay and Apple Pay, it's simple, fast, and ongoing.

Click the link to sign up today.

We've included a couple videos that will tell you what it is and, how to sign up.

Here's what it is,


And here's how the sign up process works.