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How you can help...

1) Giving - It's always needed and appreciated. We know there are a lot of places you can give money. Thank you for considering us!


2) Buying - Support the girls financial independence by purchasing products made by them and others.

100% of the profits go back to support the rescue/rehab homes.

We work very hard to bring you the best items possible to inspire you to proudly tell your friends about our products and mission. Teaching the girls valuable work skills and purchasing their handiwork causes something very precious to happen. They begin to have the satisfaction of seeing people truly appreciate the top quality products they make! This helps restore their self-confidence and undo some of the severe damage done by their abusers. 

As we always say: World-class Products from World-class Survivors!


What does it cost to rescue and care for the girls?

A rescue mission costs about $500. 

However, for each rescued girl, we immediately spend about $2,000 on medical exams, purchasing new clothes, and personal goods.

It currently costs roughly $21,000 a month to run the rescue/rehab home.  ($16.67 per girl/per day for each of the 41 girls that are with us) (This includes rent on the house, utilities, food, toiletries, education, medical, and travel expenses. This also includes a monthly salary for the two adult ladies who run the house as well as minister and care for the girls.)

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What does a day in the life of the girls look like now?

Read about it here


You can read more about our mission here.

You can make a real difference!

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