Our Pu'er Red Needle Loose Leaf Black tea looks amazing and yields tea with lots of honey notes that linger in the cup.

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Our Story

 What does a day in the life of our girls look like now?

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Our Mission

How can we make a difference?

Pu'er Maofeng (Feather Mountain) Black Tea

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Amazing full-bodied taste with none of the bitter aftertaste. This coffee has an excellent roast that you will enjoy. It will be great to support Teshuah Tea Co. and enjoy great coffee.

Cody Ostendorf on Thai Special Blend


I ordered this bracelet after hearing about Teshuah on the Steve Deace Podcast. I was impressed with the quality of the bracelet. It is adjustable and the beads are so pretty. Perfect for summer! I am looking forward to wearing the bracelet and stand ready to tell others who ask the story behind Teshuah. I feel honored to wear something so special and I can’t wait to order my next bracelet.



These teas are wonderful. My order arrived on time and check out was easy. Love the tea and supporting a great cause.

Megan Walser

Pu'er Kung Fu Loose Leaf Green Tea

The tea is different in texture and strength than others, however the taste is much better. Because the purchase benefits those I could not reach the taste is even greater than any other that I could ever purchase. Thank you for providing this product.

Kermit Good

LOVE THIS ONE BEST! (Life Divine Bracelet)

I heard about this company on the Caravan to Midnight show with John B Wells. Before the end of the program I was online shopping their site! The bracelets are absolutely beautiful. I bought two. This one in particular is probably my favorite, not sure 100% why, it just is. It is multicolored so it goes with anything. This time of year (fall) it's a perfect accessory. I love their mission and helping these beautiful girls, giving them a positive purpose in life again. I absolutely will be ordering again! on Life Divine Bracelet

Jody on Life Divine Bracelet

Customer Photos

Getting ready for some delicious espresso made with our Bourbon coffee beans.
A beautiful customer photo of our Red Needle Loose Leaf tea.
Getting ready to enjoy some delicious tea from Teshuah Tea Co
These young ladies were adopted from China, one of their moms heard our story and ordered these bracelets to share with them.
Enjoying a delicious morning coffee break with Teshuah!
One customer came up a unique and pretty way to use her bracelet.
A customer's Instagram photo of our Pu'er Kung Fu Green tea.

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