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500 Year-Old Ancient Tree Pu'er Dragon Pearl Tea Ball Non-fermented (raw tea)

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This is one of the finest and costliest teas we offer. You'll be able to detect the sweet aroma of honey as you enjoy your tea. Even after you finish the aroma will linger in your cup. Very aromatic with a clear yet slightly dry and heavy finish, a very interesting tea. Unlike our typical American tea bags which are about 1 gram and will make two cups, these single serving tea balls can be steeped upwards of 15 times in a sitting. Each ball weighs about 6-7 grams and made from some of the finest tea leaves in the world. You won't be disappointed. 

You may be saying to yourself "this is a really expensive tea". Not really and here's why. This rare tea would normally retail for close to $1.00/gram. Because we're so close to the source we're able to bring it to you for under $0.73/gram. Since you would use one tea ball per tea session you'd produce over a liter of very high quailty tea for yourself or to share with friends for $5.10/liter. Can you buy a high quality bottle of wine for that little? So as you can see tea represents a very good value.

Please see our Tea Brewing 101 for brewing ideas. 

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