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Starfish Bracelet

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This adjustable bracelet has a nautical feel to it perfect for summer time. It features a mixture of porcelain, silver, and wooden beads, along with a silver starfish charm. Oh and it has a fantastic story to go with it! 

Customer Reviews

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This bracelet was amazing. It was pretty and I also really love the ocean so it fit perfectly with my personality! I bought one already but sadly lost it while moving. But I plan on buying another one! It also warms my heart to think that I might have really helped someone.

Thank you so much for the great review!

Beautiful Bracelet

I ordered this bracelet after hearing about Teshuah on the Steve Deace Podcast. I was impressed with the quality of the bracelet. It is adjustable and the beads are so pretty. Perfect for summer! I am looking forward to wearing the bracelet and stand ready to tell others who ask the story behind Teshuah. I feel honored to wear something so special and I can’t wait to order my next bracelet.

Thank you so much!

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