Thai Medium Roast Coffee (Ground)

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This coffee comes to us from a missionary friend who works in a remote village in Thailand. This brief story of the village where the coffee is grown was sent to me from the missionary. The amazing story of how Tung Prapawn developed. In a nutshell, it was the poorest village in Northern Thailand; very remote and isolated. News crews used to come in to film these poor, remote villagers. The name of the village used to be Tung Pii, which means Field of Evil Spirits. After we began working with the village, great development came. We suggested to the local county officials that the name be changed to Tung Prapawn, which means Field of Blessings. The county took the name to the Provincial level and they approved the name change. Provincial level took it to the National level and now the village is officially called Tung Prapawn. Last year we brought a new water system to the village as clean sources of water had dried up.

By growing and processing coffee the villagers have been able to triple their income which is quite significant when you consider they used to live on $200/year. Not only does your purchase of this coffee bless our girls but it also helps the villagers of Tung Prapawn.

This coffee has wonderful peanut butter, creamy, sweet notes to it.