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Pu'er Fermented Tea Inside Green Mandarin Orange (ripe Pu'er tea)

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 Unlike our typical American tea bags that we're all used to which are about 1 gram and will make two cups these single serving tea balls can be brewed numerous times in a sitting (approximately 10 steeps per ball). Each ball weighs about 6-10 grams. The more steeps you get from this tea the more the spice notes develop. This tea exhibits minty notes with a smooth mouth feel (not the almost dry mouth feel of some other teas). 

The tea can be made in two ways.

  1. Put the whole piece of mandarin orange pu-erh into a big cup or a big pot.  Let it steep with boiling water for a minute until the liquid attains a darker colour.  Each piece could brew multiple infusions.
  2. Gong-Fu Cha style: Unwrap a green mandarin ripe pu-erh and crack open by pressing with both thumbs. Remove the tea leaves and break off a few small pieces of the peel and steep together. The amount of peels used depends on your taste preference. Rinse the leaves and the peel with boiling water (212 degree F) and discard the rinse water. Start steeping according to the recommended times below.
Brewing Times: Brewing Temp: 212 deg. F, or 100 deg. C


1st Brew

2nd Brew

3rd Brew

4th Brew

5th Brew

6th Brew

7th Brew

8th Brew

1 sec. 10 sec. 20 sec. 30 sec. 40 sec. 1 min. 2 min. 3 min. 5 min.
Storage: Store in an air-tight container

Please see Tea Brewing 101 for other brewing ideas 

Customer Reviews

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Kristy Cobb
Love the tea

Very good quality


I am a serious tea drinker, hot with milk and sugar or iced. This tea ball is great for both. I leave the ball in my tea pot. Just make sure to empty it every time. Very nice mild flavor, taste like tea not sticks or grass. Very economical and great cause. Definitely 5 stars. Will be repeat customer.

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