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A day in the life of the girls living at Teshuah House:

They begin their morning at 6:00 am reading a chapter of the Bible and then a daily devotional that relates to that particular chapter of scripture. They spend 15 minutes in prayer or quiet time depending on if they have received Christ yet or not. The girls that are born again began on their own daily practice of praying every day for the people who sold, used, and abused them. They pray for the Lord to set those people free just like He set them free and open their eyes to the light of the glorious Gospel.

 After praying they break up into groups. Some of the girls then cook breakfast, some do house chores, and others get ready for the day. After breakfast, they finish getting ready and begin their school studies. Many of the girls are behind several years in their education but are catching up quickly. Five of the girls that were illiterate when they came to Teshuah House can now read and write.

 After school each day, they sit down together for 40 minutes and discuss a different topic related to their mental health and mental healing. The group session structure and topics are taken from a Christian counseling book. After completing the mental health group session they have a group life-skills training for 20 minutes. Both group sessions are led by the two adult ladies that live at Teshuah House and act as house parents for the girls.

 After group counseling, the girls break up into groups and spend 2 hours working on different projects. Some of the girls go out and provide after-school tutoring for local orphans. Some of the girls make handwoven coasters. Some of the girls make bracelets. Other girls make clay figurines and fire them in a kiln. During the harvest season, some of the girls pick, sort, and process fresh tea leaves. During coffee harvest season some of the girls sort and roast coffee beans. Currently, the girls are also learning to use a new CNC Co2 laser cutter/engraver that we helped them purchase.

 At 6:00 pm the girls make dinner and then eat together. After dinner, they have free time until 9:00 pm when they all go to bed.

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