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Ms. Li Ming

We rescued Ms. Li Ming from sex trafficking and she agreed to transition into our Teshua House Rehab Home. After moving in our staff found out she had horrible night terrors several times every night. Nightly she was reminded of the horrendous abuse she had been subjected to. For 3 years as a preteen/teen she had been sold several times every night like a piece of meat to customers who would rape her. She had also been forced to have 2 abortions while being trafficked. After her rescue for 27 days she received phycological counseling every day. She also attended daily Bible studies. On the 28th day she chose to place her faith in Jesus Christ and confess Him as her Lord and Savior. That night for the first time in years she slept 9 hours in peace with no nightmares and woke up rested and refreshed. Since being set free from this bondage she has been able to concentrate better on her studies and went from having the lowest scores on her schoolwork to having the highest scores.
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