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Ms. Wang Jing

Ms. Wang Jing became an orphan at age 9 and ended up living on the streets at age 14. After turning 15 she was kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking. Nine months later we rescued her and brought her to our Teshuah House rehab home. Upon arrival, she was completely illiterate and stuttered when talking. After 15 months in our program, she was able to read on a 6th grade level in her native language. She no longer stutters and is now enjoying learning Korean as a second language. When rescued her height and weight were all below average for her age. After receiving 3 meals a day and living in a loving environment her height and weight are now correct according to medical standards. Now in her free time, she is developing her gift of drawing and painting and enjoys practicing that every day.
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  • Praise the Lord for this dear child’s life that is saved. I support Doug Haggmann in Haggman, he and his team rescue children in sex trafficking and the proceeds for the coffee I order goes toward rescuing children from that horrible life. I’m interested in this ministry of


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